Friday, 12 June 2009

My Moan for today xP

OKAY firstly ARGHH ARGH ARGH. lol. How frikin annoying has london transport been the past two days. Its made me realise how little we can really do without trains. well me. I am not bothered to take a 2/3hour bus journey that will normally take me 20mins and these stupid strike people (RMT) arent considering the public when pulling this stupidness in the middle of the working week. So two of ther members had been fired but considering one had opened the doors in the middle of a tunnel hes not a very good train driver is he =S. AND now there talking of having more next week. Seriously i need the trains. My college is in the middle of london. Hyco and angie ;P LOL are both in west, The majority of my extended family are in north west and oxfordstreet! my favourite place in london haha.
Ive accepted the line closures on weekends and having to plan my journey around that (even though its rumoured to take about 10 years to finish ;\) but come on if theirs regular train strikes like this over something petty ( there also asking for a pay rise..which is stupid considering the countrys economic situation) i might as well just stay home. lool dramatic i know but london underground is like a everyday thing for me, so these twits should get over themselves and let me travel. =)

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