Monday, 27 July 2009

My current obsession

Don't ask whats got me into this. seriously. LOL but this is ONE bag of my current obsession which as you can see is make uppp . Im not into the whole foundation plastered on and the rest, just eye pencils , eyeshadows etc. AND ive found a place to buy it all CHEAP :D Rimmel, maybeline , max factor. And i LOVE it. =) And it irritates me when certain people think oh shes buying so much shes going to wear so much blah blah, what? am i going to wear it all at once? No. so shut up about it. I like it. I am the one wearing it and i know for a fact I will never over do it. LOL this is actually hilarious. Ok so im turning this post into a moan but anyway, im proper talking like i need to defend my self from something. wth anyone who knows me knows that the only make up i always wear is eyeliner and just because i just started to slightly experiment with some eyeshadows (well may i add i know what im doing) and used some bronzer on my cheeks certain people are having a fit. Im just getting more irritated this was supposed to be a happy post but as usal. argh ok.

Monday, 20 July 2009

I simply love you.

To end such a good day with my boyfriend i dedicate this post to him :) Things may not have been the best these past couple of months with faults on both sides but were still as strong as ever...he can still make me smile without trying, make me laugh until i feel to wet myself lol,takes whatever rubbish i throw at him,welcomed me into his amazing family and made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. i love him so much and this post is so corney but hes worth it :). I know he'd give me the world if he could and i thank him for being my best friend as well as my boyfriend.

Brandon Hyco James Marino, I Love you. x

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Another summers day

Another dayy with these guys.. "Jobhunting" lol. Ive given up for this summer. lol im going to start again in september for christmas temps i think its too late now. Boo. lol
But erm yes. A 'eventfull' day? I dont really want to go into all the drama so as always ill leave you with some pictures of the good bits :)

My first TAT ?

wooo SO. hokay. My TAT! You Like? ;)

LOL aw id love it for about a day but nah.. Its not real people/ haha. Basically my cousin came over and wanted to draw a tattoo on me lol. Shes such a good drawer it turned out really good and i was like hey! i like this.
I fooled quite a few people tho ;) I actually want this now LOL but id probably turn out regretting it later on or something so :(. Looks wicked. haha

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Saturday Love :)

Me and Christinas fun fun day out :) I took here to portabello market which i knew she'd LOVE like meee :D and then take a trip to westfield to spend all our money. as usual ha ha. She must love me because every time we go shopping together i convince her to buy so much stuff! LOL. Im extra happy today because i bought this skirt from somewhere ;) which was alott much cheaper than what i would have paid if id bought it from the original shop. And its exactly the same! woohoo. Anyway overall a really good day. Ending with yummy chinese we munched on. :)

Friday, 10 July 2009


Our little outing to westfield yesterday. and oxford street but i think krissy has a few pictures from there. anyway. So much fun with these lot.

"My little brothers know the difference now between a two pound and a two pound p you kno!'' LOL to J/D.
"Blow me!! this with your hand" LOL CJ. refering to something in her eye. hahaha. So jokes. Anyway here :)

_____One picture i nicked from krissys blog. i look so retarded hahaha! im not swearing im doing a peace sign and fish lips. HAHA.

_______One random photo to show we was at nandos. ;\ LOL

_________LOL my girlfriends sickkkk chain.

My sexayy crazyly sequined dress i bought yesterday ;PP. DO NOT LAUGH at the fact u can see my jeans i couldnt be botherd to take off my glads HAHA I actually bought a size smaller than the one i tried on its more fitted and looks better. woohoo ;PP

Happy Monthsary!

Happy 1 year 8 months to me and Hyco!! Woohoo ;) I LOVE YOU! :) No matter what minor stupidness we put each other through at times we both no in the end its nothing, were still going strong and noone can get in between us as hard as they might try. I know this guys the one for me :)

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

That disgusting flood in wood green

The state of wood green on tuesday. Pourrring with rain. it even flooded the pavement as you can see. I came out of dorathy perkins and wth found myself in a big fat puddle. Hard times for my feet. Ergh lol. I did buy a nice skirt whilst hiding in there though ;)

Found you!.

I FINALLY foundd my dress. Seriously its pure luck i came across it in the end. I first saw it on some random girl in shepards bush and stared at her like some lesbo tryna figure out where it was from. Anyway after moaning about it to my friend telling her how much i liked it i saw it!! in a newspaper. -_- so i though hey ill just order it online. But no, i lost the newspaper and couldnt remember the site ;(
THEN a couple of months pass and I'm wandering round TOPSHOP and i stumble across it and wooo i grabbed it before any of the other stupid girls in the store picked it up. And i got it at a wicked price too ;PP./ but anyway I'm just happy. overly as you can tell. But hey its my blog :)

Also! These are my recently purchased Gladiators in chocolate brown. I originally wanted them in Tan, but after searching almost every new look i gave up. I like these better now anyway ;P.

One saturday with Angie-Marie ;) lol

Fun fun fun! yes it was a fun day with my little bum licker. LOL er. Ok so starting from the top..

YUMM! the topshop sweets i bought..i think i just got fascinated with them because they look like i have a sweetshop in my room =)

Oh yeah haha i had some woman do my make up in benifit, she proper thought i was coming back to buy the foundation and primer, i told her id just pop out to the cash point and come back ;P but we didnt. haha

Ooo these are our sun warrior bracelets ;PP from portabello market which i LOVE ;) love it Gay Angie lost hers and had to wander round westfield to find it. haa. but she did in the end. luckyy

Oh and the one of me picking up a 20p on the floor -_- LOL ok basically i found it n grove and proper bent down to pick it up to find it was GLUED to the floor. wth man! LOL

Angies new sandalllls. geeze you should have seen the ones she bought it the first place before exchanging them for gold. Can anyone say wonderwoman? haha ;P

The Muchh Needed Update!...Summer09' So Far =)

Okk where do i start? The last time i updated this blog of mine i was still at college, summer still hadnt hit us and the SALES still wernt here yet. ;P
So yeah all of that has changedd and now my summers begun! woo woo. However the weathers returned to the usual drearyness of london and ive bought everything worth buying in the sales. so yes. summers not looking soo great atm. lol. Ill just add a few pictures to show what ive been getting up to =)/.

Hyde park ;)

The usal! Its a serious regular for anyone in london in the hottt weather. Unfortunatly i didnt go enough to achieve a good enough tan. gay lol. we munched, had water fights, sunbathed, ( well me and krissy did. they guys just complained about being in the sun. lol) i love it! Love love love hyde park. Ill just leave this one picture up. i have too many. =)

Nigels BBQ

Yeahh so Nigels bbq! funn day, didnt even start out meaning to be a bbq it was really just jamming in his garden/pimped out room haha, doing his shisha which marc is overly obssesd with, the boys playing xbox and me and krissy drinking her sexy cookies and cream vodka drink ah i dont remember the name lol. but yeahh was such a fun dayyy, and a great goodbye to nick! whos lucky ass is in america! -_-. lol. But well done to the guys for cooking, i took heaps of pictures most of them are on my facebook if you have me! =)

Trystyn Jae Link Roberts 1st Birthday!

My darlinggg little tiny nephew recently turned oneee. Bless him. My Gay cousin had to insist on putting Link in his name. which i was not happy about but you know. not my choice haha (Link - Zelda - Gameboy Game =[.lol) But anyway happy 1st birthday my little baba! =]

Pauls 18th At TGI's

Funn night lol what a lovely g.f thuy is organizing this for paul :) lol/ this is where the performers are in covent garden, we were watching this man juggle chainsaws. crazy people. But anyway yes here you go! a group picture, with quite a few people missing unfortunatly they went to the other station. Happy 18th paul! lol