Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Happy birthday to meeee

wahooooo! Im 17 guysss, well on the 7th of August i was. lol im just updating :) So yes i celebrated my birthday with friends on the 4th, mainly because i knew a bunch of them would be working on the thursday and christina was leaving for ireland on the 5th ;( lol. And it also ment i could spend my actual birthday with Hyco and my family :). Sooo we all went out for dinner at Harvesterr in arnos grove..Yummmy food must go there again! and then off to nicks for drinks ! LOL i loved it. thanks to everyone. Love almost all of you. ha. lol :)
The last 3 pics are from my actual birthday with hycos adorable little cousin and his beautiful sis mae mae :D and the rose he always buys me whenever we celebrate something big :)

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