Sunday, 3 January 2010


So wow my last post was in august! lool so its now December and i felt it was time to get back on this horse. ha ha

I made this blog in the first place to i could have somewhere to write down my feelings when im down or even when im really happy or just want to write rubbish lol , but i find it hard because you know if you write something down some people are gonna question you & be nosy. But hey i dont care now im taking inspiration from other blogs ive seen and if you dont agree or like what i write, BOO YOU! :)

Since summer ended things have been considerably less FUN :( back at college now, stress of finishing my uni application is finally over..even though that was my own fault for being so SLOW finishing it..i couldnt decide what i wanted to do -_- but its done woohoo fingers crossed i get the conditional offers from the unis i Actually want to go to. Keep meaning to 'fix up' and start working properly but im such a lazy arse. Argh

Okay apart from college & work the past couple of months have has some sucky moments. Dealing with those hard emotions like jelousy, annoyance, insecurity etc, then realising your being stupid (?) and trying to forget about it all but it just eats away and blows up in your face in the end. Like i never wanted to be one of those people that gets angry over the smallest things but my temper gets the better of me sometimes.

AHH i want to type so much now but i dont want to tell the world my life story. I might need to start writing a diary or something. lol

Enough about the past - Looking forward to my future :):)

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