Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Found you!.

I FINALLY foundd my dress. Seriously its pure luck i came across it in the end. I first saw it on some random girl in shepards bush and stared at her like some lesbo tryna figure out where it was from. Anyway after moaning about it to my friend telling her how much i liked it i saw it!! in a newspaper. -_- so i though hey ill just order it online. But no, i lost the newspaper and couldnt remember the site ;(
THEN a couple of months pass and I'm wandering round TOPSHOP and i stumble across it and wooo i grabbed it before any of the other stupid girls in the store picked it up. And i got it at a wicked price too ;PP./ but anyway I'm just happy. overly as you can tell. But hey its my blog :)

Also! These are my recently purchased Gladiators in chocolate brown. I originally wanted them in Tan, but after searching almost every new look i gave up. I like these better now anyway ;P.

1 comment:

  1. i L O V E yur dress! it shows off them nice curves youv got. i want them!