Friday, 10 July 2009


Our little outing to westfield yesterday. and oxford street but i think krissy has a few pictures from there. anyway. So much fun with these lot.

"My little brothers know the difference now between a two pound and a two pound p you kno!'' LOL to J/D.
"Blow me!! this with your hand" LOL CJ. refering to something in her eye. hahaha. So jokes. Anyway here :)

_____One picture i nicked from krissys blog. i look so retarded hahaha! im not swearing im doing a peace sign and fish lips. HAHA.

_______One random photo to show we was at nandos. ;\ LOL

_________LOL my girlfriends sickkkk chain.

My sexayy crazyly sequined dress i bought yesterday ;PP. DO NOT LAUGH at the fact u can see my jeans i couldnt be botherd to take off my glads HAHA I actually bought a size smaller than the one i tried on its more fitted and looks better. woohoo ;PP

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  1. aw love your dress babe where did u get it from!!! i want it! lol yes i did laugh wen i aw ur jeans haha