Wednesday, 8 July 2009

One saturday with Angie-Marie ;) lol

Fun fun fun! yes it was a fun day with my little bum licker. LOL er. Ok so starting from the top..

YUMM! the topshop sweets i bought..i think i just got fascinated with them because they look like i have a sweetshop in my room =)

Oh yeah haha i had some woman do my make up in benifit, she proper thought i was coming back to buy the foundation and primer, i told her id just pop out to the cash point and come back ;P but we didnt. haha

Ooo these are our sun warrior bracelets ;PP from portabello market which i LOVE ;) love it Gay Angie lost hers and had to wander round westfield to find it. haa. but she did in the end. luckyy

Oh and the one of me picking up a 20p on the floor -_- LOL ok basically i found it n grove and proper bent down to pick it up to find it was GLUED to the floor. wth man! LOL

Angies new sandalllls. geeze you should have seen the ones she bought it the first place before exchanging them for gold. Can anyone say wonderwoman? haha ;P


  1. lol nah she lick me arsee;p
    i see your post is about a day with me eyey..
    heyy i forgot about them photos you took with ur camera.. how comes they look so much better than mine.. looks like u have a more better quality camera than i have but we practically have the exact one:S... not fair lol. good to see your UPDATINGA ur blog babygirl
    love ya.. i bet be seeing more posts wen i come back from holiday:) xxx

  2. coz im the shit!! your not ;PP.