Monday, 27 July 2009

My current obsession

Don't ask whats got me into this. seriously. LOL but this is ONE bag of my current obsession which as you can see is make uppp . Im not into the whole foundation plastered on and the rest, just eye pencils , eyeshadows etc. AND ive found a place to buy it all CHEAP :D Rimmel, maybeline , max factor. And i LOVE it. =) And it irritates me when certain people think oh shes buying so much shes going to wear so much blah blah, what? am i going to wear it all at once? No. so shut up about it. I like it. I am the one wearing it and i know for a fact I will never over do it. LOL this is actually hilarious. Ok so im turning this post into a moan but anyway, im proper talking like i need to defend my self from something. wth anyone who knows me knows that the only make up i always wear is eyeliner and just because i just started to slightly experiment with some eyeshadows (well may i add i know what im doing) and used some bronzer on my cheeks certain people are having a fit. Im just getting more irritated this was supposed to be a happy post but as usal. argh ok.

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