Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Muchh Needed Update!...Summer09' So Far =)

Okk where do i start? The last time i updated this blog of mine i was still at college, summer still hadnt hit us and the SALES still wernt here yet. ;P
So yeah all of that has changedd and now my summers begun! woo woo. However the weathers returned to the usual drearyness of london and ive bought everything worth buying in the sales. so yes. summers not looking soo great atm. lol. Ill just add a few pictures to show what ive been getting up to =)/.

Hyde park ;)

The usal! Its a serious regular for anyone in london in the hottt weather. Unfortunatly i didnt go enough to achieve a good enough tan. gay lol. we munched, had water fights, sunbathed, ( well me and krissy did. they guys just complained about being in the sun. lol) i love it! Love love love hyde park. Ill just leave this one picture up. i have too many. =)

Nigels BBQ

Yeahh so Nigels bbq! funn day, didnt even start out meaning to be a bbq it was really just jamming in his garden/pimped out room haha, doing his shisha which marc is overly obssesd with, the boys playing xbox and me and krissy drinking her sexy cookies and cream vodka drink ah i dont remember the name lol. but yeahh was such a fun dayyy, and a great goodbye to nick! whos lucky ass is in america! -_-. lol. But well done to the guys for cooking, i took heaps of pictures most of them are on my facebook if you have me! =)

Trystyn Jae Link Roberts 1st Birthday!

My darlinggg little tiny nephew recently turned oneee. Bless him. My Gay cousin had to insist on putting Link in his name. which i was not happy about but you know. not my choice haha (Link - Zelda - Gameboy Game =[.lol) But anyway happy 1st birthday my little baba! =]

Pauls 18th At TGI's

Funn night lol what a lovely g.f thuy is organizing this for paul :) lol/ this is where the performers are in covent garden, we were watching this man juggle chainsaws. crazy people. But anyway yes here you go! a group picture, with quite a few people missing unfortunatly they went to the other station. Happy 18th paul! lol

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